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Mastering Reels: Our Go-To Tips for Creating the Best Instagram Reels!

We all know Reels are the hottest thing on Instagram right now, so understanding how to create great ones is an absolute must for your business! Reels offer a unique advantage by tapping into the trending and viral nature of social media content. By incorporating popular music and effects, small business owners can create Reels that align with current trends, increasing their chances of going viral.

When a Reel gains traction and reaches a wider audience, it can result in a significant boost in brand visibility and engagement. The potential for Reels to go viral makes them an essential tool for small businesses looking to expand their reach and gain recognition in their industry in an organic way. Here are some of our top tips for creating the best Instagram Reels!

Take High Quality Content: Clean the lens, use natural light, tap to focus, utilise gridlines, experiment with composition, focus on colours and aesthetic and stabilise your phone. The key to capturing great content is to be patient, creative and open to trying new techniques. With time and practice, you'll be able to capture stunning images and videos using your iPhone.

Utilise Trending Audios: If you are on the hunt for a trending audio make sure you are looking for the rising arrow and evaluating the number of reels. The rising arrow indicates that this audio is growing in popularity and currently trending.

Post Reels Consistently: Reels should not be something you post once every few weeks. It is a powerful tool to utilise for business growth meaning posting as many as you can gives you more of an opportunity to go viral!

Edit with Apps: After capturing your content, consider using photo and video editing apps to enhance your images. Adjust brightness, contrast, colour and other aspects to make your content pop.

Instories is a powerful tool for creating animated stories or reels. It has so many great templates that can be customised for your business in engaging ways. Photos, whether on your iPhone or Desktop, is a great tool that is usually overlooked. This application is great for adjusting the brightness, exposure, saturation etc of your video to ensure it's top quality. You can also snip and rotate videos.

Jump on trends early: If you notice a particular style of video or type of content starting to become a trend, participate in it straight away! There is nothing worse than being late to a trend and missing out when it could have been a great content opportunity for your business.

Don't be afraid to start your own trends: Think outside of the box and brainstorm reel ideas that have never been seen before. People love seeing content that is fresh, different and catches their attention while scrolling!

Utilise hooks: Hooks are a great way to catch peoples attention and ensure they watch and interact with your reel. Some examples of a great hook include:


  • You need to watch this if you struggle with ____

  • You're doing this wrong!

  • I've got a secret.

Add an Eye Catching Reel Cover: It is important to choose a cover for your reel that will stand out and make people want to click on it. If your reel cover doesn't grab the attention of the eye, people will scroll straight past when they land on your page.

PRO TIP: Always add your text in the Instagram app when you can. This lets Instagram know you are utilising their features and will help your reel become favoured. It also helps with SEO and telling Instagram what your video is about.

Have fun with your reels and infuse your personality where you see fit. Keep them as engaging as possible and your reels will perform well! If you loved this blog post you'll love our 'Elevate Your Socials' Social Media Guide. Shop via the link below!


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