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Conquering Social Media Anxiety: Your Guide to Overcoming the Fear and Thriving Online!

Fear of social media is something that quite a few business owners and people in general struggle with. Know that you're not alone with this! It is definitely something that takes a lot of practice and getting used to, but once you conquer the fear there is no going back and we promise it will be such a rewarding feeling!

Here are some tips to help you overcome the fear of social media and to put the best interest of your business first.

Start small - Follow accounts aligned with your goals and post things that you generally feel passionate and proud about.

Observe and learn - See how others use social media in your industry and try to use this as inspiration for your own to help you get started with ideas.

Set realistic goals - Define clear objectives for your social media presence and know that good things take time and consistency. Focus on making small improvements each day and remember to keep going even if you feel it may not be working because it definitely won't work if you stop.

Plan and schedule - Ensure you are staying organised with a content calendar. It can be extremely overwhelming thinking of all the work that posting, planning and scheduling is however if you set time aside for this and plan ahead, you will only have to do it every so often. Plan and schedule time in your own calendar that works for you and if you don't have enough time to dedicate to it then it may be time to invest into a social media manager to help you.

Share what you’re comfortable with - Express yourself and showcase your business at your own pace. No one is forcing you to do anything. It is your platform and your business. If you don't feel comfortable with something, then don't do it. There are other ways you can show up online and be authentic to yourself. It is good to push out of your comfort zone sometimes though. New things happen when you try new things.

Engage and connect - Build connections and interact with your audience. Social media is meant to be social. People want to interact with you so comment, reply and dm people you want to connect with. Don't overthink it, because it's likely that they may have a slightly fear of messaging someone first too. Networking as a business is crucial for building your name and word of mouth and if someone doesn't reply, where is the harm in that. Just move on.

Seek support and guidance - If your fear is coming from not knowing what to do or post, you absolutely can outsource! Consult experts or take social media courses or even hand over your account to a professional. If it is causing you to not be active and do the best for your business then outsourcing would be a great way where you can still be involved in the direction but not have to worry about the technical side. It will also save you a lot of time researching or doing it yourself.

Celebrate small wins - Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. You can do this by tracking your insights, revenue from the account or followers. Don't ever think a small win isn't worth celebrating. A lot of small wins is how you achieve a big one! Again, consistency is key. Keep going.

Remember, it takes time and practice to overcome the fear of social media. Be patient, focus on the positive impact and gradually build confidence. It takes time to feel natural with things that are out of our comfort zone. You've got this!

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