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How To Build An Engaged Audience Online: Tips by Ree

Building an engaged audience is extremely important for establishing trust and creating a thriving community around your brand. At Ree, we believe in building a community that supports your business and we know the importance of making your audience feel valued and heard. Consistently showing up and actively listening to your community are key factors in building an engaged audience. Read on to find out our top tips for curating a loyal and engaged online following.

Find Your Target Audience

In order to build an engaged audience, it’s important to understand who it is you are trying to reach. You can define who your target audience is by understanding who they are, what their interests are and what motivates them. This will then help you better understand what type of content you will need to create and post to be able to attract their attention.

Create Valuable And Engaging Content

Create valuable content that will easily resonate with your target audience, ensuring it aligns with their interests and encourages them to interact with the post by including a CTA (Call To Action) inviting your audience to comment, like or share your post. The content you create not only needs to be engaging, it also needs to provide your audience with value, this will then encourage them to continue to return to your page and see you as a leader in your industry.

Create Relatable Content Within Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a powerful way to better connect with your audience on a more personal level. Use relatable topics and encourage engagement with the use of stickers, polls and question boxes. This is also a great opportunity for your audience to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of your business and for you to post content that they can easily relate to.

Interact With Your Audience

You need to actively engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages. Encourage conversation with your audience by asking questions, seeking their opinions and showing genuine interest in your audience. By consistently engaging with your audience, you show that their voices are heard and valued. This will assist in building trust and forming a sense of community among your followers.


Developing a content calendar and consistently posting will help you remain visible. This will also assist in maintaining a connection and staying “top of mind” with your audience. Not only is it important to stay consistent with posting on socials and engaging with your audience, it is essential that your branding is consistent so you are able to be easily recognised by your audience.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging plays an integral role in building an engaged audience. A strong brand message will help you stand out and leave a memorable impression on your audience, it helps to showcase your brand's personality and values and promotes authenticity allowing you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. By creating captivating and inspiring messages in your branding and content, you can attract your audience’s attention and encourage action. A well executed brand message ensures your content will resonate with your audience, drive engagement and eventually lead to a dedicated community.

Utilise Hashtags

Hashtags are a key tool to increase the visibility of your brand and will assist in reaching a wider audience on social media. Incorporating relevant and specific hashtags in your posts will make them discoverable to people who are actively searching for those hashtags. This will position your brand in front of an interested audience and will encourage them to engage with your content if it is of genuine interest to them. It will allow you to attract new followers and widen your community.

Effectively building an engaged audience online is an ongoing process that requires dedication. Having a long term strategy is crucial when creating a strong, engaged audience. It is important that you are able to dedicate the necessary time and resources into building your audience which will then result in an increase in engagement online and project your business forward in the digital space.

If you are a business owner who is needing extra support to build an engaged audience, get in touch with the Ree team and follow our socials to stay up to date with our latest insights to elevate your brand online.


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