Social Media Management (aka SMM), is the process of managing a business's online presence by creating, analysing and publishing creative content on a regular basis. 


Why is this service so important for your business? 

SMM allows you to;

  • Reach a range of new audiences

  • Stay ahead of your competitors

  • Look professional and show the best version of your business online

  • Build your brand awareness, trust and loyalty

  • Engage current and future customers

  • Generate new leads and possible sales

  • Raise your search rankings

& so much more!


Social Media Management is a long term marketing plan and requires consistency to see the best results. We recommend that clients who join management with Ree Creative, see themselves continuing long term. Short Term management is not preferred,  and may be declined by the agency due to the time and effort invested into marketing plans. 


This Agreement is made and entered  on the agreed date. This contract will begin with a 6 month plan and will be automatically extended (unless discussed otherwise) into quarterly locked-in timeframes. This agreement is between Ree Creative and the business undertaking Social Media Management. 

Start Date begins on the first date of posting.

The Client = Yourself / Your Business

The Agency = Ree Creative


Ree Creative has expertise in creating Social Media Marketing and Design Services. Ree Creative operates a service based on this expertise, which can be provided to the client. Ree Creative will develop a Social Media Management feed posting plan each month for the client. Against this background, the parties have agreed to the terms that follow. 


The service supplied under this agreement shall be subject to Ree Creative’s general terms and conditions as set forth on our website.


Ree Creative offers three management packages which can be decided by the client upon agreement of the contract.  The chosen package is subject to Goods and Service Tax (GST) of 10% per month. Payments are available to be set up as automatic weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Payments are required to be paid prior to each commencing week/fortnight/month. As part of the contract, the client is bound to complete the agreed timelines. Please note the first month payment is required upfront along with an onboarding fee. 


A non refundable onboarding fee of $500 is charged prior to beginning management with us. This fee includes admin, profile set up, calls with your Dedicated Social Media Manager/Ree, a profile audit and 6 month social plan delivered via pdf.  



Late payments or failure to pay your outstanding bills within 7 days of issue date will result in your posts/your management being paused until payment has been received. There will also be a late payment fee of $50 added for every week payment is delayed. Late payments are not tolerated: reoccurring late payments may result in termination of management as well as 50% of the contract fee payment to be due as outlined in our termination section 6. 


Ree Creative has the right to bill additionally, upon mutual agreement, for any application development, additional posting, additional revising of designs/plan or work required outside of the management inclusions. All other Invoices raised on the Client, by the agency, will become payable within 3 days from the date of all such invoices.


Payment refunds, design transfers, or holds on the project deliverables for the Social Media Management contract will not be available once the contract has commenced. This is due to the digital and customised nature of the service, automatic posting, and the amount of time that will be taken to complete market research and feed/post planning for the months ahead.


Ree Creative shall maintain absolute confidentiality with respect to any confidential information received from the Client. Ree Creative shall not disclose any such information without obtaining the Client's specific prior consent, otherwise than in compliance with statutory requirements.

The service supplied under this agreement shall be subject to Ree Creative’s privacy policy as set forth on our website.

Ree Creative will request written approval from the client for the use of using log-in details for post-scheduling apps. Ree Creative currently uses a social media scheduling system to plan and schedule client feeds. This system requires a monthly subscription payment to manage the account which will be paid by the agency. The app requires access to the business account information and linking through Facebook which will be discussed directly for set up.


The Client and Ree Creative shall evaluate progress under this agreement at 6 months of management and discuss the progress, results, analytics and strategies of the account being managed, via a scheduled meeting via zoom or in person. This will be organised directly between the Agency and the Client. 

If the Client and Agency agreed to continue the management renewal will take place for a further 3 months, where obligations of the parties shall continue into a new quarterly contract.


Ree Creative runs by an initial 6 month locked-in contract following quarterly contracts, therefore termination within a agreed contract period will require the following steps:

  1. Four weeks written notice provided via email to

  2. Completion of the full pre-planned month including payment of this month.

  3. 50% of the remaining contract fee

If termination is at the end of a contract timeline e.g. end of 6 month plan or quarterly contract, there will be no termination pay-out fee required. (Minimum 4 weeks written notice is still strictly required) Requirements 1 and 2 above apply. *Please note failure to provide notice on time may result is outstanding payments of weeks that have been planned ahead.

Please remember Social Media Management is a long-term plan and requires consistency to see results which is why we take the time to develop a 6 month plan with targeted strategies specifically catered to your business and target market. We hope that clients who join management with us see themselves continuing long term and trust in our knowledge and expertise. Short term management is not preferred and may be declined by the agency due to us not being able to deliver the best results we feel we can for an account.


Any modifications to the terms and conditions will be notified to the client and require renewed signatures and approval.

Ree Creative will provide the Client with a 4-6 week feed plan which must be approved by the client within 48 hours of the feed plan link. Failure to provide approval on time will result in the feed plan being automatically approved and scheduled. Planning and approval will only take place after payment has been received. (Late payments may result in terminating contract by the Agency)

Ree Creative will offer 1 initial feed plan per month. If the client requires changes to posts Ree Creative will allow for 2 rounds of revising specific posts with respect to the client’s requests. Further revisions will require an additional cost due to the extended time required to dedicate to revising your feed plan.


The Client agrees to forward all project/client images that they wish to be included in the month's plan strictly on, prior or by the requested date prior to the feed planning day that is being completed each month or as requested. (Content must be sent through google drive to maintain high quality)


Images provided throughout the month will be added to the next month's plan or will count as one of your urgent posts if applicable. If your content is not provided on time this may result in missing posts until you dedicated SMM has another available date to plan your feed. (Full cost still applies) Please note our Social Media Managers block out days to work on your feed each month. In most cases these dates are not flexible due to other clients and projects. Delaying your feed also delays your SMM's schedule as well as other social clients. We know you are busy, please try your best and we will send reminders and dates in advance of when content is due. You will also be notified of the date you will receive your feed plan so that you can provide feedback within the 48 hours. 


Any changes to the feed or posting plan requested by the client must be notified to the agency within 24 hours of posting and arranged accordingly. (Contact via Email - or WhatsApp chat) Ree Creative will allow for 1 post-change per week only if urgent. Additions will be replaced by another post in the plan not added.

The client agrees to hand over creative reins to the agency with regard to the design of the business Instagram page. We ask that you trust our expertise, skills and that we know how to show the best version of your business online to attract your target audience and potential customers.


This includes but is not limited to - Display Image, Bio, Highlights, Captions, Hashtags, Feed Posts, and Story Posts. 


As the agency attempts to develop a theme and flow of the client’s page, the client agrees not to publish any feed posts that may interfere with the agency’s posts. If the client requires an urgent feed post or change to the plan, the client agrees to notify the agency within 24 hours so that the agency has enough time to redesign and reestablish the feed plan. The agency allows and encourages the freedom for story posting on site or of projects to provide further engagement with followers between posting days. The agency also encourages reels to be posted and NOT shared to the feed unless agreed otherwise.

Ree Creative will provide the following deliverables for Social Media Management clients each month
 during the contract period. Deliverables are posted to the Business's Instagram feed. This service does not include posts to be delivered to the client directly. Package and Inclusions of client's choice must be submitted in the form at the bottom of the page. Additions or upgrades must be discussed with the agency.



5 Feed Posts per Week: Monday - Friday

3x Complimentary Editable Story Templates (Access only during management)


7 Feed Posts per Week: Monday - Sunday

5x Complimentary Editable Story Templates (Access only during management) 


This is our Ultimate Social package aimed for those business owners that are looking to fast track their social presence using a range of tailored strategies that will effectively drive results for your page. This package is custom to your business and social goals and requires close collaboration with your dedicated accounts manager as if they were your in-house Social Queen. This is our Ultimate package for all our LUXE BOSS BABES. Please note, exact inclusions will be provided within your onboarding pdf. 

  • 7 Feed Posts per Week: Monday - Sunday

  • Daily Stories Monday - Friday

  • Complimentary Editable Story Templates (Access only during management)

Payment plan to be set up directly with the agency. Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly payments available.

Above packages include the following:

  • FREE Business Profile Set Up; Including Bio Creation, Highlight Covers and Adjusted Profile Image. (New Logo not included)

  • Captions & Hashtags Included

  • Dedicated Accounts Manager

  • Easy Communication via WhatsApp

  • Community Management & Engagement

  • Quarterly Instagram Insight Assessment 

  • Ongoing Social Media Advice

  • 6 Month Management Analysis via Zoom/In Person

Included Editable Stories

Our Social Media Management packages include complimentary editable stories which are provided as a link and can be edited on Canva. The stories are designed in your brand colour, fonts, and overall theme and are aimed at keeping your stories consistent if you do not wish to add stories to your management packages. The templates are great for last-minute announcements, appointment availabilities, and more! Access is only valid while you actively work with us for your socials. 

Community Management - What does it include?

  • Up to 2 hours per week

  • Replying to comments on posts as necessary

  • Interacting within the hashtags

  • Monitoring interactions on the account and advising of anything unusual 

  • Liking and commenting on posts and accounts in the industry

  • Following accounts to assist in building relationships with clients and within the industry

*It is recommended that you also hop on the accounts when you have to engage further for best results.


Ree Creative offers story posting as an add-on service. Please request pricing directly. 

Any specific ideas for story posts are required to be submitted once your feed plan has been approved. Ideas are not necessary to be provided. Ree Creative can take care of this for you and create stories based on the agreed feed plan and what will be best for growing your brand online. This includes general call-to-action posts, educational posts, product/service posts, interactive posts, and more! We recommend leaving this part to us. Animated or still posts will be created upon the agency's discretion to suit the content and page. If you have any urgent stories please advise with minimum 24 hours notice. Preferably on a Sunday night / Monday morning. 

Please note:

  • Approval for feed posts and captions have strictly required a minimum of 4 weeks ahead.  

  • 2 rounds of revisions are included for the plan. Additional revision rounds from $99+gst per round. 

  • Any last-minute changes to the feed plan during the approved month must be notified within 24 hours of the post. (One per week permitted in replacement of another preplanned post ONLY IF URGENT)

  • Weekly Story Graphics must be added additionally and are NOT included as a part of the normal management package.

  • Editable templates are delivered as a link via canva.

Social Media Ads

The client understands that all Instagram ads are additional to Social Media Management services and paid to Instagram NOT Ree Creative. There will be an additional management fee for the agency to monitor your business ads. Management cost for ads will be discussed directly with your Social Media Marketing Manager. 

Posting Times

Times of posting may vary slightly however will be aimed to be posted at your best-performing time slots based on IG Business Insights. If you have preferred times of posting please let the agency know.

​Facebook Posting

Posts may be shared to Facebook manually from the account by the client. 


The client will be assigned 1x Dedicated Accounts Manager who will work closely with our Creative Director to get the best results for the client's brand.


Day-to-day communication is preferred via your Business Social WhatsApp Group  #0452 511 728 + Dedicated accounts manager who will be added to the group by Maria.

To contact Maria directly please, please email or call #0452 511 728. 

Available communication times are between 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri (Sydney, Australia)  
*Weekend and after-hour replies will be at the Social Media Manager’s discretion.

In acceptance of all the above terms please fill in the below. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to a long-term association with you and transforming your Business Instagram Page.